War mosdra

This is all about the saiyan timelord leader, Mosdra kazuma  his age is 20 000,000,000  but he looks about 25 because of timelords powerful life span and saiyans youth to fight longer (really because of a fortune teller spell caster scared of his potential and reverted him to 18th body and most of his power suppressed)

personality Edit

He is very arrogant when he knows he won. He is also enjoys fights he is ashamed for what happened when rothardan made him his slave, He also loves meeting new enemies and allies. He just wants to be left alone with his race he made a new organisation for universal peace and Resurrection after his corruption of rothardan turn him into the conqueror the ultimate champion of rothardan. he acts like alucard and kenpachi he lets his enemy attack him first and cause him damage until mosdra strikes back when he does it will feel like hell has appeared when mosdra grabs his Zanpakutō mangetsu and its bankai hozuki mangetsu

Powers Edit


family Edit

Kara (wife)

Vegito (brother -inlaw)

Karren starr (sister -in law)

Jor-el (uncle-inlaw)

Zor-el (father-inlaw)

Kal-el (cousin inlaw)

Diana (cousin -in-law)

Natasha (cousin in-law)

Connor (cousin in-law)

Jon (cousin in-law)

Allura-el (mother-inlaw)

Lara-El (Auntie-inlaw)

Kon-el (cousin-inlaw)

Jordan (son)

Cierra (daughter)

Bethany (Daughter)

Issac (Son) 

Jessica (Daughter -in-law) 


background Edit

He was created on gallifrey before rassalon toke over and gained timetravel his was created to make a new race with his wife kara but he mosdra started to get power hungry like what happened to madara and kayuga.He lived for a very long time because the timelords gave him near infinite regeneration cycles he became the puppet to rothardan at a young age because he potential was godlike and mosdra had the unique trait to to create special hands from using his most common emotion to increase its form his one is his hatred towards life.



Base Mosdra
Ssj 1Mosdra (2)
Ssj2 Mosdra (2)
Ssj3 Mosdra (2)
Legendary super saiyan 3 broly by adinosupremacist-d3j8x02
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legendary super saiyan 

legendary super saiyan  2

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super saiyan god

super saiyan god super saiyan 1,2, 3

great ape

golden great ape

dragon(replaced great ape)   
Winged Dragon of Ra by silana

final saiyan(made up)





sage of the six paths staff

daedra swords

Zanpakutō ( shikai, Bankai) Edit

release command: darkness awaken and light rise and cause destruction

shikai power 1:the ablity to copy any shikai powers mosdra seen with mangetsu

shikai power 2: material assimilation it can absorb any materials as in metal or steel stuff like that to improve its power it can also use kryptionite


1st release destroy all life, Armageddon

muscular dark red four-armed fiend with wings sprouting from his back and demonic faces on his knees. He has a long tail and several horns, the most prominent of which are two red horns that curve into the air. Chaos wears a loincloth with another face on it, and a red amulet.

2nd release eradicate the universe, Apocalypse

Chaos he is larger with torn and burned wings, rows of spikes along his tail, and a broken left horn. His face is exaggerated to monstrous proportions, as are the faces on his groin and limbs, and the amulet around his neck has grown from a red gemstone to a red orb. His loincloth is shorter and the smaller horns on his forehead are larger. His fangs are also stained red.


Ssg mosdra
Ssgss mosdra
Ssgss2 mosdra
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